Saturday, February 4, 2017

Asian Art Biennale - Everyday Life .National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts - Taichung, Oct 2013

Main Installation Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Capacative touch sound installation utilizing local sound sources,(material based sounds, field recordings, instrument recordings) and materials sourced from abandoned housing estates /flea markets.
Participants activate the multi-user instrument through touch. Various Taichung based sound elements are triggered through contact with various conductive materials ,(aluminium covered icons,massage tools,cans, musical objects etc) The floor of the exhibition space is earthed through a network of copper tape.Participants earth themselves through the removal of any footware which might break the circuit of conductivity.e.g.rubber soles.

 Various conductive materials sourced from abandoned housing estates.

Copper earthing for gallery floor.

First percussive robotics performance abandoned housing estate central Taichung.

Second percussive robotics performance TMFA

Robotic percussion instruments where created with the assistance of
Keith Urquhart - programming
Mat Valdman - Engineering

Sourcing materials at abandoned housing estate entral Taichung

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